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5 Tips for a Beautiful Balcony – Using Design and Furniture

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5 Tips for a Beautiful Balcony – Using Design and Furniture

Not utilising your balcony (or under utilising it) is a crying shame in Australia. If your balcony is only seeing some action when you need to store something, you’re really missing out on a golden opportunity.
A well-used, beautifully designed, considerately set up balcony with beautiful balcony furniture that highlight the outdoors is, however, a totally different story.
Despite being generally smaller than any of the other rooms in your home, a balcony can become a room in and of itself, if you’re clever with the space you’re provided.

You can turn a balcony into a place to relax while eating your breakfast, a place to have a romantic dinner, or just a place to stargaze with friends on a summer evening. It’s the perfect place to have long phone conversations with people you love, write that book you’ve always meant to, or even run a business in the summer months!
The trick is to combine your design and balcony furniture along with a couple of other elements to create a harmonious, peaceful ‘outside room’ you want to spend time in, rather than a forgotten outdoor space you pop indoor plants when they’re dying!
Here are 5 tips to creating a beautiful balcony (incorporating good design and balcony furniture)

1. Balconies mean outdoors, and outdoors mean plants.
Using plants will breathe fresh life into your balcony and give it a vibrant, lush feel.
Naturally, you’re going to want to incorporate plants into your balcony, but make sure you do a bit of planning beforehand. For one, what plants are better suited for your balcony? If you don’t know, consult with your neighbours (better excuse than borrowing sugar!) or ask down at your local nursery. Depending on what part of Australia you’re in, different flora will thrive in your area.
Then, how much time do you intend to spend taking care of said plants? If you have a green thumb, feel free to buy finicky plants that require daily attention. Otherwise, if you want something you only water every couple of days or so, go with a more hardy type.
Be realistic with your time management and buy plants accordingly and always be Waterwise if you can. The Waterwise website has a great plant search platform on their site. Perhaps start researching there.

Then, make those plant choices pop with a unique planter! Balcony furniture isn’t restricted to chairs and daybeds, take a look at our planter options.
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2. Make the most of your space.
Balconies tend to be on the smaller side, so if you get too ambitious with your space, you’re going to end up with a claustrophobic feeling. Why not consider a clever balcony table for two with a discreet fold away top when more space is required.
Consider hanging gardens and make the most of your ceiling, and use climbing plants like vines to decorate the walls.

A little bit of good design can go a long way so think big picture: try to combine all your elements – plants, balcony furniture, accessories – in your overall design.

3. Go for long lasting, well-made balcony furniture.
It might be tempting to cut corners on items like balcony furniture but by purchasing equipment that can stand up to the elements –
furniture that’s actually built to last and specifically for your outdoor conditions
– means you won’t be replacing anything next year.
You can do some sneaky cost cutting on items like pots because, with the right balcony furniture and a little bit of ingenuity, your guests will be so delighted by your outdoor space overall they won’t even notice your pots were a couple of dollars from the local nursery.

4. Colour changes everything.
The new trend in Europe and overseas is colour, colour, COLOUR! We’re now catching up in Australia and moving past our beachy, seagrass hues into a more vibrant feel.
As mentioned before, your balcony is like another room of your house, so you’re going to want to make sure your balcony reflects your colour scheme.
Going for a Zen garden aesthetic in your home? Turn your balcony into a Zen balcony.
Going for the romantic, whimsical look? Have a romantic balcony area too.

5. Do a lot – but not too much.
Balconies accent homes, they don’t make the home.
You want your balcony’s aesthetic to accent the rest of your place.
Good design makes all the difference – if you have so many plants that your balcony looks like the Amazon rainforest, or you have so much stuff piled on your balcony that you can barely move without feeling like you’re playing ‘the floor is made of lava’, then it’s time to cut back on your balcony accoutrements.

Strip it back. Come up with an overall design. And choose perfectly crafted balcony furniture to offset the whole project.