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Summer is here and you want to make the most of your outdoor area, any outdoor area and space.

Because – AUSTRALIA!

What are we doing with ourselves if we’re not making the most of the natural glory that is our outdoors in the summer time?

What better way to spend a summer evening than by hanging out with good friends, when the early evening breeze is swirling and the sting of the sun has gone out of the day? Or playing cricket in the back yard, while Dad fires up the BBQ.

Here’s the truth: the better prepared your outdoor area, the more often you’ll use it. If you put a little effort into your outdoor area you’ll make the very most of the balmy summer days ahead.

Check out some of these fantastic ideas to make the most of your outdoor area – and your summer!


Nobody likes to stand up or feel like they have to sit on something awkward (like the edge of a pot) during a get together. Make sure your outdoor area is human-comfort-centric by providing a beautiful table and plenty of comfortable seats. If you’re inviting a lot of people, set up sitting areas both undercover and out under the sky. That way, your guests can enjoy the Australian sun, but find comfort in the shade if the heat gets overwhelming.


Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the party must end.

In fact, dusk ‘till midnight might just be the best time to celebrate during an Australian summer.

Take some time to set up ambient lighting around your entertaining area. For a subtle feel that creates atmosphere, place your lighting in amongst foliage or trees.


Don’t juggle eight glasses of wine at once – uncover your inner retro host with a delivery tray. Our are designed with entertaining in mind – from a formal champagne breakfast to a secret snack at the bottom of the garden.

Or, for the ultimate outdoor area summer entertaining product, a weather proof drinks trolley.


Depending on the type of gathering you’re going to have, you’ll want to stock up on drinks – juices, bottled water, soda, and beer. When it comes to water, you can go the traditional bottled approach, or you can go a bit more creative. Fill a pitcher or bell jar with ice and water and top it off with sliced lemon, orange, berries, lime, or cucumber to make a healthy, delicious, and (most importantly) thirst-quenching beverage.


Bugs love parties and will show up even when they aren’t invited.

Prepare for bug management, especially if your gathering is going to stretch into the evening hours. Invest in Citronella candles or similar natural repellents and if your outdoor area has a ceiling, consider installing a fan. If you have standing water anywhere in your yard (such as a spa or pond), take care to treat it to prevent mosquitoes from nesting.


Have a plan (but don’t get to caught up in the details) in place for how your evening is going to go. For example, rather than introducing the food all at once, you may want to stagger it throughout the party – start off with appetizers and refreshments, move to the dinner table for the feast, hit the pool area for drinks, and make your desserts easy to manage so people can walk around and talk to people.

These are only a few summer suggestions for your outdoor celebrations in 2018, most importantly have fun.

Happy New Year………………..