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Fermob: NEW Colours 2020

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Fermob New Colour

Pastel colours have now made a grand entrance on the Fermob colour chart. The three new colours, Clay Grey, Ice Mint and Frosted Lemon sit somewhere between soft, fresh and bright. Designed to stand alone or in combination with other Fermob shades these three colours are sure to make an impact.

Ice Mint by Fermob

Coloured white, blue and green: a subtle cocktail of ingredients creates Ice Mint. A shade that blends well with the clear-cut colours of the Fermob colour chart. A tone of subtle variations: tropical or vintage, Italian or Scandinavian environments, calling to wide open spaces or a cosy balcony. Ice Mint definitely feels fresh.

Clay Grey by Fermob

Clay Grey is a close as you can get to natural materials. Essential and timeless, this warm grey colour goes well with the other colours of the Fermob colour chart. Its subtle appearance will make it a popular hue for Fermob lovers.

Frosted Lemon by Fermob

A powerful pastel, which awakens the colour chart and assists other shades to radiate with it luminosity. Just like the refreshing sorbet, Frosted Lemon provides a further vibrancy and pep to the Fermob colour chart. It evokes a feeling of summer and sunshine.

Whether you’re looking for pop or classic, intense or subtle, sober or flashy colours, Fermob has you covered!

Is it time to bring a little colour to your life?