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Furniture That Makes Its Mark on People’s Mind, Not on Nature

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Fermob Luxembourg Chair Honey

Furniture That Makes Its Mark on People’s Mind, Not on Nature

Fermob furniture is designed for natural environments and is made using materials and processes that respect the environment.

Fermob believe in being socially responsible, striving to strike the right balance between the brand, the furniture, the clients and the planet, read on to learn more.

Metal: An Environmentally Friendly Choice
Some 98% of all iron and aluminium is now recycled worldwide.
This means Fermob can guarantee that its furniture is fully recyclable and recycled.

In House Painting Line
The powder paints used by Fermob contains no solvents. They are 100% recycled and recyclable.
They are applied in a zero-waste facility. They do not affect the health of employees or consumers and safeguard the environment.

Recycled Fabrics
When sourcing Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF), Fermob picks suppliers with strict sustainability standards. This unique initiative guarantees that all canvas components have been recycled.

Recycled Packaging
Fermob has been participating in the Eco-Emballages (Eco Packing) scheme for many years.

Reducing Environment Impact
This mindset extends to optimising energy consumption and is reflected in concrete actions, such as introducing a method of oven-drying metal parts that cuts consumption by 30% and reducing the paint-curing temperature by 10 degrees Celsius.

Eco Design
The design and aesthetic qualities of Fermob’s creations, together with their lightness and resistance, are also solutions to key environmental challenges: saving materials and limiting waste as well as transport impact

Furniture That Makes Its Mark on People’s Mind, Not on Nature.