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How To Style Your Space Using Outdoor Accessories

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How To Style Your Space Using Outdoor Accessories

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to double our living space a majority of the year – we simply move our living outside. And it makes sense: there’s no view inside quite like the one full of blue sky!

So, how do you turn your outdoors space into more than just a place for growing your veggies and how can you move away from dated styling?

Treat your outdoor space as an extension of your home.

Think vibrant cushions, snuggly rugs for cool evenings, creative use of lighting, furniture that encourages stretching out (maybe a nap?) and incorporate outdoor accessories that make alfresco eating and relaxing a joy.

It is a revitalising twist for us to step out of the confines of interior remodelling and decorating and spend time creating a lovely functional living space outdoors. With the right setup and items, you can easily transform your porch, garden, patio, balcony, or any other outdoor area into an excellent space where your people can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Creating a truly perfect outdoor area involves giving thorough consideration to a number of factors that overall, influence the final outcome.

Brighten It Up

Gone are the days of earthy tones and beachy hues for the truly stylish outdoor decorator. Adding a dash of colour to an outdoor area can truly enhance its appeal. Therefore, you should not be afraid to go with brightly coloured furniture and accessories to really brighten the space up.

When bright colours are used outdoors, they add an element of fun, playfulness and excitement and we know that certain colours can affect mood and feeling. Tap into that and bring some joy into your styling.

Get Light

Efficient lighting is important to setting the mood and appeal of an outdoor living space at night.

Make use of attractive and impressive outdoor lighting by adding lanterns and lamps. Australia isn’t the place to use candles outside – our bushfire prone environment just isn’t worth the risk – but new innovations in outdoor accessories and lighting will shine the spotlight exactly where you want it.

Let your lighting emphasise the remarkable aspects of the outdoor space while leaving the less appealing elements to fade in the shadows. With the right lighting, your outdoor living space can become a fun (and safe) atmosphere.

Vibrance and Comfort

Colourful cushions are an essential addition to your outdoor styling (and they make great forts when the kids get stuck into them!)

There is a wide range of choices, but you should ensure to opt for the one that is rated for outdoor use and will stand the test of time. (All our outdoor cushions are hard wearing Teflon coated French made fabric – perfect for outdoor use.)

For a colourful touch to your outdoor accessories consider an outdoor rug. As the air turns a little chilly at night, these decorative outdoor area rugs can enhance the beauty of your styling and add a good excuse for a snuggle.

Don’t be scared to bring a little fun and colour to your outdoor comfort with the clever and bold use of outdoor accessories.

Colourful outdoor accessories including lamps, furniture, rugs, and cushions are becoming more and more popular. By having a well accessorised outdoor space you’ll naturally be drawn to spending more of your time outdoors – which can only be a very good thing!