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Introducing Fermob

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Fermob Album 2015

Who is Fermob?

Fermob the French outdoor furniture manufacturer has spent more than 25 years perfecting their craft – creating metal outdoor furniture that meets the highest standards of style, quality, and comfort.

Fermob chooses to use metal for its incredible versatility, only using top grade aluminium and steel, combined with outdoor technical fabric, woven polymer and quality outdoor fabrics.

Fermob stands out among the rest because of its unique, patented designs and extensive range of colours. Fermob has gone from being a pioneer to being a trend setter in the world of colour. It develops exclusive, soft, textured, warm, bright spangled colours which are intended to infuse your environment with a fun and exciting tone. Their outdoor furniture is designed to live in the outdoors, meaning that your furniture will work with and enhance the aesthetic of your environment.

Fermob seeks to be more than an outdoor furniture manufacturer; they aim to enrich the charm and refinement of your life – from a cup of coffee under a shady tree, to a relaxing moment by the pool, to a long lunch with family and friends.

With over 60 collections, 358 models in 24 colours Fermob is on a crusade to spread the French way of life across the globe.