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Introducing Vincent Sheppard

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Who is Vincent Sheppard?

Marshall Lloyd Loom set out on a mission to create a weave which was not only stronger then rattan, but also looked better and had a much softer feel, to make the material smooth, comfortable and beautiful. Finally after many attempts the solution was found, by twisting and winding paper, known as Kraft paper around thin steel wire. These paper wrapped wires were then woven on a special weaving loom resulting in a fine, durable, solid paper weave.

So in 1917, Marshall Burns Lloyd officially invented Lloyd Loom. For many years, Lloyd Loom furniture was hugely successful, in 1992 Vincent Sheppard began producing indoor furniture using the Lloyd Loom. For over two decades, Vincent Sheppard has been building on Marshall Burns Lloyd’s original idea, meaning Vincent Sheppard furniture is the result of 100+ years’ worth of innovation.

With their unique line of indoor and outdoor furniture, Vincent Sheppard stands for incredible seating comfort, fit for the new century, yet retaining the authentic touch that makes loom so distinctive and appealing. Every Vincent Sheppard chair is still made by hand using traditional methods in their fully owned production facility in Cirebon, Indonesia, almost 400 skilled workers hand make the furniture.

Through the years Vincent Sheppard has become a distinctively global brand. Today you will find Vincent Sheppard furniture in restaurants, hotels and homes all across the world and now Australia.

Whether for dining or lounging, indoors or outdoors with every hand made piece of Vincent Sheppard craftsmanship, the legacy of woven paper furniture lives on.

View the Vincent Sheppard catalogue and see for yourself.