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Outdoor Furniture Styles You’ll Love In Winter

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Outdoor Furniture Styles You’ll Love In Winter

Winter. You can feel it in the air. Literally.

Gone are the days of lounging by the pool in the bright sunlight, and feeling warm breezes drifting through the house through open windows. You can feel it starting now, can’t you? That slight zip of chill when you head down to the beach in the late afternoon. Then head back for a jacket – just in case – when you step out for dinner.

Soon the temperatures will plummet and we’ll be forced into Australian hibernaton (the kind of cold we complain bitterly about and people in the UK tout as a “nice summer day”). Will we be forced indoors, waiting for old man Winter to pass?

Maybe not.

Winter doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start spending your days inside. By creating a fantastic space by utilising clever outdoor furniture styles and creating a flow between your indoors and outdoors, you really can enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

Unless you’re in the mountains or surrounded by the wild beauty of Tasmania, you probably won’t even have to layer up to combat the biting cold. Get clever with your outdoor furniture styles and styling and you can create an incredible living space you’ll want to spend time in.

Shelter from the Elements

The key to an indoor-outdoor room is that it needs to be a room (the clue is in the name).

Think simple: pergolas, with their arched frameworks cleverly insulated with climbing plants, make for a good starting point. Place your furniture cleverly capturing afternoon sun while being shielded from the breeze and you’ll have a perfect spot for a cat nap (or two!)

Verandahs – those achingly romantic spaces just crying out for gorgeous outdoor furniture styles – are the perfect places for outdoor living.

Using structures like these are ideal, because you may even be able to incorporate outdoor café blinds. Winter rolls around, you extend the blinds; Spring arrives and you roll them back up.

Outdoor café blinds are also available in tinted variants, which will help to warm your indoor-outdoor room and save you some dollars on heating bills.

Make It Pretty

The tilt of the earth’s axis means we’ll soon be seeing the sun set earlier, which makes for shorter days. Suddenly the cool tiles and hardwood floors of our homes will seem a little less appealing than in the summer time, and we’ll start looking to spend our time elsewhere. Haven’t you already looked outside from your desk and considered taking your laptop outside?

How do you make an outdoor space pretty?

Two ways – lighting and colour.

Using warm colours in your lighting gives your new outdoor room a feeling of coziness that will attract people to the space like a magnet. Playing around with your outdoor furniture styling to create little conversation nooks will also add to the ambiance.

Combat the gloom with light, and bolster your lighting endeavours by incorporating warm, bright furniture. Colour is everything here – Winter is typically associated with the cold and gray, so you want to create a slice of summer right in your own backyard.


Make It Warm!

Naturally, being Winter, you’ll want to keep your space toasty and warm. The last thing you want to do is to attempt to heat the outdoors (your heating bill will be astronomical), so luckily there are a variety of heating options available.

Go the simple route with gas and electric patio heaters, or create a more rustic, intimate atmosphere for a chimenea.

If you have the space and you’re gung-ho about efficiency, install a fire pit, which will not only provide heat but also a means of cooking food, meaning you’ll be able to have barbecues even on the coldest winter day.

For an added layer (literally!) of warm, try comfy cushions and snuggly blankets.

Keep Furniture In Mind

While a lot of outdoor furniture is intended to resilient to the sun, Winter puts additional strain on the material used to create the furniture. Make sure you have furniture that is strong enough to last all year round, from the hottest days to the coldest nights. Don’t scrimp, as cutting costs when you’re organising the space now will mean you’re back buying more furniture later.

Additionally, you’ll want to buy furniture that matches the colour scheme of your indoor-outdoor room to tie together your vibrant, beautiful environment.

Two Words: Hot Tub!

So the pool probably won’t see much use in the months to come, but that doesn’t mean your water activities are done for the year completely. Install a hot tub to create a fun, cozy, and relaxing social environment. Just remember that getting out of the tub is going to be a chilly affair, so style your furniture appropriately to have your towels nearby!

The way you work with outdoor furniture styles can add a tremendous amount of light, warmth, and magnetism to an outdoor space. For most of Australia, our Winter is still quite temperate, so make the most of a green season and soak up the warm afternoon rays.