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The Australian Cultural Identity of Outdoor Living

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The Australian Cultural Identity of Outdoor Living

With a warm and temperate climate as unique as the one found in Australia, outdoor living is an integral part of our culture.

How much of your life is interwoven with the outdoors?

If you grew up living near the beach, for example, you probably learned to swim in the ocean. You know what it’s like to hop halfway back to the car because the carpark is so hot and fall asleep on the way home with salt on your lips.

Maybe the first time you went camping was up in the hills. You know what it’s like waking to a sky waiting to burst with yellow, the smell of mosquito repellent, and warm toes at the bottom of your sleeping bag.

You’ve likely BBQed endlessly for Christmas with family and friends. And the neighbours. And the kids’ mates. So many sausages. So much tomato sauce.

And why wouldn’t we? Our climate and unpolluted skies fill with the fragrance of bush forests and the carol-song of magpies wakes us in the mornings.

Outdoor living means we can delight in skies still open to the stars on evenings resplendent with galaxies and wonder, shooting stars, and astral bodies.

In harmony with our heritage, outdoor living draws souls and spirits in communion not found in front of a screen.

Your life is likely a patchwork of outdoor activities, ranging from sports to exercise, as it is for everyone – which is exactly why the outdoors are such a crucial element of Australia’s cultural identity.

In 1917, a gentleman named Marshall B. Lloyd invented a style of furniture called the Lloyd Loom, which marked the beginning of a trend in furniture. In 1992 Vincent Sheppard began producing furniture using Lloyd Loom and has spent the last two and a half decades specialising in and mastering the Lloyd Loom. It only makes sense that Vincent Sheppard would take that intimate, detailed knowledge of the Lloyd Loom and apply it to outdoor patio furniture.

Bearing in mind that Australians favour the intimacy, togetherness and socialising in the outdoors, Vincent Sheppard the indoor/outdoor manufacturer strived to craft premium-quality outdoor furniture which is why they created the Vincent’s Garden Collection. Vincent’s Garden takes the attitude that you love to be outside and your outdoor furniture needs to not only support your lifestyle, but complement it.

Your outdoor furniture needs to work with you as you make memories in the outdoors – watching your children play, romancing, socialising with friends, or enjoying time with your family.

The outdoors represent an integral part of our individual history and Australian cultural identity as a whole. Vincent Sheppard aims to maximize the quality of your outdoor experiences by offering the highest quality and most elegant outdoor furniture available with the Vincent’s Garden Collection, giving a little European flair to our Aussie outdoor spaces.

With social, economic, and technical changes altering the way families spend time together, isn’t it time we ensured our celebrations and outdoor living remained outside? Outside, where we can breathe a little deeper, laugh a little louder, sit and chat until the sun goes down. And maybe a couple of hours after that, too.

Do you have a favourite childhood outdoor memory?