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The Brands

We are proud to introduce international furniture manufacturers Fermob and Vincent Sheppard to Western Australia.


The French furniture manufacturer Fermob has spent more than 25 years perfecting their craft – creating metal outdoor furniture that meets the highest standards of design, style, quality, and comfort. Fermob stands out among the rest because of its unique, patented designs and vibrant colours, which are intended to infuse your environment with a fun and exciting tone. Their outdoor furniture is designed for the outdoors, meaning that your furniture will work with and enhance the aesthetic of your environment.
Fermob seeks to be more than an outdoor furniture manufacturer; they aim to enrich the charm and refinement of your life – from a cup of coffee under a shady tree, to a relaxing moment by the pool, to a long lunch with family and friends.

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Vincent Sheppard

In 1917, Marshall Burns Lloyd invented a new type of paper weave called Lloyd Loom. For years, Lloyd Loom furniture was hugely successful, in 1992 Vincent Sheppard began producing indoor furniture using the Lloyd Loom. For over two decades, Vincent Sheppard has been building on Marshall Burns Lloyd’s original idea, meaning Vincent Sheppard furniture is the result of 100+ years’ worth of innovation. With their unique line of indoor and outdoor furniture, Vincent Sheppard stands for incredible seating comfort, fit for the new century, yet retaining the authentic touch that makes loom so distinctive and appealing. Every Vincent Sheppard chair is still made by hand using traditional methods in their fully owned production facility in Cirebon, Indonesia. The best raw materials and production methods are used for the Vincent Sheppard Collections, resulting in furniture which is made to last. Whether for dining or lounging, for indoors or outdoors, with each piece of Vincent Sheppard craftsmanship, the legacy of woven paper furniture lives on.

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Vincent’s Garden Collection

Vincent’s Garden is the new outdoor collection from Vincent Sheppard. They have combined nostalgic design with innovative materials, a resin weave with a nylon core to create beautiful outdoor woven furniture on aluminium frames.
We’re proud to offer Perth the new Vincent’s Garden collection. The outdoor furniture collection comes with everything you need to maximise the style and aesthetic of your outdoor space – tables, chairs, and recliners. Additionally, the collection is designed with comfort and durability in mind.
Unlock the beauty of your outdoor space with the new Vincent’s Garden collection from international indoor & outdoor furniture manufacturer Vincent Sheppard.

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