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Introducing Patio & Balcony Outdoor

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Who is Patio & Balcony Outdoor?

It’s not just fresh and classic European design you’ll find at Patio & Balcony Outdoor. There’s something special about this blend…

Patio & Balcony Outdoor is a family owned business bringing fresh and classic European design to Australian lifestyle.

Owner Megan Briers launched the company in 2016 with the intention to connect Western Australians with the impeccable quality of European outdoor furniture brands.

Megan is a mother and business woman who has a knack for blending – business and family, European elegance and Australian outdoors, friendly service with knowledgeable experience.

She was looking for designer products designed to bring families and friends together to create those shining, special moments that linger in memories for years to come. She has a keen eye for quality and form and was thrilled to find European outdoor furniture brands Fermob and Vincent Sheppard fit the bill perfectly. Patio & Balcony Outdoor was born.

The impulse behind Patio & Balcony Outdoor is much more than beautiful outdoor furniture, what Megan really sells is the sun going down on the patio with chatter and champagne, evenings with solar lights twinkling in trees and quick dips in the pool, the morning sun warming bare feet while the smell of coffee drifts along balconies to tantalise a Sunday morning.

Patio & Balcony Outdoor also offers a boost to the WA economy. Research shows that boutique small businesses like this one, each selecting products based on their individual knowledge, guarantees a healthy local economy and innovative array of products and services. We know that this kind of business model not only delivers us the very best the world can offer, but also increases local prosperity – again, the best blend.

Megan has collected a team to perfectly complement her products, she promises they’re as friendly to deal with as knowledgeable about their pieces, which is what you can expect from a family owned company. You’ll know what it’s like to deal with a large corporation – getting help or answers can be a bit difficult. When you deal with one of the lovely staff at the Willeton showroom, you’re only one step away from the boss and her taste in quality, and their utmost intention is to ensure you’re as delighted as possible with your purchases.

Patio & Balcony Outdoor wants to see you linger.

Take a breath.

Have long conversations in a sunbed that sings of classical comfort and modern durability. Those kind of chats that are punctuated by lengthy silences where you appreciate the scents of the garden, the beach, the morning coffee. Maybe you take a nap. Maybe you read an extra chapter of your book. Maybe you power through your morning workload with a smoothie and a muffin and a very comfy seat.

The company’s plan is to bring you together, for lunches that turn into drinks, families around tables built for use in years to come, mingling around stylish Paris avenue inspired designs.

As West Australians, we have a singularly special environment where we’re allowed the space and conditions to relax, connect, and celebrate in an outdoors that’s as spectacular as it is individual – and that’s why Patio & Balcony Outdoor is the very best choice as an accompaniment to that lifestyle.