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What is Lloyd Loom?

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Vincent Sheppard Lloyd Loom

What is Lloyd Loom?

A technique in which Kraft paper is twisted around a fine steel wire, these paper-wrapped wires are then woven on a special weaving loom resulting in a fine, solid paper weave.

The Lloyd Loom Story

The Lloyd Loom process was patented in 1917 by American Entrepreneur Marshal B. Lloyd. At the time Lloyd was a manufacturer of children’s prams and strollers, with a shortage of rattan during World War 1 he set out to find an alternative product.

And “Lloyd Loom Weave” was born.

Once the material was in production Lloyd discovered his new invention was not only stronger and more flexible than rattan, but also looked better and had a much softer feel.

In 1921 Lloyd sold his patent to an English furniture manufacturer, which used Lloyd Loom to create typical English furniture. Soon after Loom chairs appeared to be all the rage in Europe too. At the height of its popularity in the 1930s Lloyd Loom furniture could be found in hotels, restaurants and tea rooms, cruise liners and at the tennis venues of Wimbledon and Roland Garros.

The Vincent Sheppard Story

In 1992 Belgian Company Vincent Sheppard pick up the thread of this old-age tradition and establish an import business.  Vincent Sheppard breathes new life into the traditional Lloyd Loom technique creating an exciting collection of contemporary furniture that blends classic lines with elegant innovation.

In 1995, after much success, Vincent Sheppard builds a private production facility in Cirebon, Indonesia, an area famous for its traditional weaving techniques. Vincent Sheppard controls the entire manufacture process, from design to manufacture to distribution, ensuring they are one of very few vertically integrated Lloyd Loom manufactures around the world.

2002 saw the development of an outdoor collection, produced with specially treated Lloyd Loom for the outdoor living experience.

Through the years Vincent Sheppard has evolved to become a distinctively global brand.

Whether for dining or lounging, for indoors or outdoors: with each piece of Vincent Sheppard craftsmanship the legacy of woven paper furntiure lives on.

To inspection the Vincent Sheppard craftsmanship for yourself we have a selected number of pieces on display in our Willetton studio.

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